Are you a captive to your own Visible Emotional Limits?

visible-emo-limitWhen I was a young teenager I learned a valuable lesson from my love of spending time on summer nights with neighbourhood friends under the streetlight at the intersection outside our home.

That pool of light represented what was safe. Everything outside it was unknown, mysterious and uncertain. As the balmy summer nights gave way to shorter daylight hours and increasingly intense darkness and cold, we had to retreat to our homes and I found that disappointing — and frustrating.

The next summer, I worked part-time to earn enough to buy a lantern powered by batteries. Now I could stay outside longer and when I carried my lantern, I took the light with me… it extended what I eventually learned to call my Visible Emotional Limit: a pool of light that moved through the night with me wherever I wanted to go.

I realised that it was no different to exploring anything limited by my own fears, ignorance and superstitions. I embraced exploring new knowledge, new creative directions and broadening my own boundaries.

I don’t remember articulating it all until I was in my forties, but it gave me an “adrenaline booster shot” that made me much more adventurous in seeking out fresh knowledge and experiences, new interests, meeting new people, joining new groups and so much more.

That seminal idea that I need not be limited by only what I could see — that I could carry the light of knowledge and experience with me instead of being limited by fixed lighting — changed my life.

John Counsel
Admin, Aspergers Help Australia

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