A Practical Example of Neural Overload: joy versus nightmare for me

In my Facebook Group — Aspergers Help Australia — this morning the issue of neural overloadmeltdowns and shutdowns came up in the discussion, which was specifically about neural overload at funerals. (We discuss some interesting topics, right?)

I mentioned that I often experience meltdowns and shutdowns (more frequent these days) when neural overload strikes. I wrote…

Happens to me even at live theatre, church services, any gatherings really. Not fun. Shopping centres are another stressor.”

After I wrote this, my mind drifted off, trying to think of practical examples. Here’s one that I thought of that gave me much joy initially, then turned into a neural nightmare that I struggled to deal with later.

The occasion was the graduation recital of our youngest daughter, Esther. It was her final assessment for her Bachelor of Music (Classical Voice) at WAAPA in Perth, the leading performing arts academy in Australia where Esther had auditioned three years before and won a place. The recital was on Sunday 17 November 2013 at 3:00 pm. The pianist accompanying Esther is Tommaso Pollio.

She’s since also graduated with a Graduate Diploma of Music in 2015.

The recital was a joy for me.  Then, when it was over, we moved to the foyer… and the nightmare began! The foyer was filled with audience members and fellow singers, etc, jostling and moving from place to place with bouquets of brilliant-coloured, aromatic flowers, noise, laughter, hugs and happiness, and my gorgeous girl wearing a bright red gown and clutching flowers.

I rarely hear Esther sing these days. I came home from that trip to Perth in a wheelchair, and it was difficult for me to return for her many performances since then.

Lynne has been able to attend a couple of times a year for opera seasons and recitals, and tells me all about them — and how far Esther’s voice has progressed since then.

The performance in this video, showing just Esther singing Gabriel Fauré’s “Chanson d’Amour” (Fauré is a favourite composer of mine) was wonderful to watch and listen to. It’s a delightfully coquettish performance and Esther’s in fine voice. I was sitting two rows in front of the camera, so I saw it from the same angles.


View video: “Chanson d’Amour” — Fauré

French composer Gabriel Fauré

The following photo was taken on my phone camera as I descended to the foyer from the auditorium, taken while I was able to do so before neural signals could overload my system and exhaust me.


Esther at 3 years old.
How quickly they grow up.

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