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Managing Diversity

How do we encourage Equality of Opportunity without falling for the counterfeit of Equality of Outcome?


Let me state, for the record, that I am politically unaligned. I choose the candidates for election for whom I vote according to the principles, policies and programs they espouse… and I hold them publicly accountable, once they’re elected (if they’re elected). I do not blindly follow any political Parties, their positions or policies.

First, though, let’s examine the differences between Equality of OPPORTUNITY and Equality of OUTCOME — and why I embrace one and reject the other…

But in 2019 — more than a century after the rise to power of Marxist/Leninist Communism in Russia — the Dictatorship of the Proletariat — and almost three decades after the fall of Communism in Europe and the USSR in 1989-1992, most of those now pushing for “Equality of Outcome” have never lived under that repressive, doctrinaire form of political regime, so aptly described by former-Marxist George Orwell in his books “Animal Farm” and “1984”.

They simply fail to understand the immutable reality of The Law of Common Consent that ultimately leads to the fall of ALL oppressive, totalitarian regimes… whether they’re personal relationships, marriages, families, social, communal, political, religious, corporate and business, sporting, artistic, educational, etc, etc, etc.

This is the core tenet of public relations — which is NOT about publicity* or spin*, but about the organisation’s right to EXIST.

(* This misperception has arisen because of the practice of employing ex-journalists as lobbyists and PR “flacks” — living proof of this old Japanese proverb…)

This article will be continued…

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