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ASx and Empathy: Genetic link

Study confirms a gene linked to Asperger Syndrome and empathy

The trenchant idealogues agitating for removal of the term “Asperger’s Syndrome” from any diagnosis — and, for some of them, elimination of the term from the Language altogether — would NOT have been pleased by a new study from Cambridge University‘s renowned Autism Research Centre in the UK and published in the journal Molecular Autism

This breakthrough study confirms that variation in GABRB3 is linked not just to Asperger Syndrome but to individual differences in empathy in the population.

What would have rankled even more, one imagines, was that publication occurred in December 2013… just seven months AFTER publication of the controversial DSM-5 in May 2013, in which Asperger’s Syndrome was expungedprimarily for political and bureaucratic expediency, so that Aspies would not continue to be discriminated against due to outdated diagnostic criteria and eligibility criteria for funding of support.

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