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Genetic Transmission

How Autism — including Asperger’s Syndrome — spreads

By John Counsel

According to biomedical researchers, there are many possible causes of Autism in all of its many manifestations. But the primary means of spreading these conditions is, by far, genetic transmission from Autistic parents to their biological children.

You cannot contract or “catch” Autism — including Asperger’s Syndrome — through infection, physical contact or proximity.

It is passed from an Autistic parent to their biological child through sexual reproduction — conception and gestation.

So you’re BORN with Autism, including Asperger’s Syndrome. Take a close look at the differences in the neurons (nerve cells) in the neural networks of children who are autistic and neurotypical.

Those differences begin to take shape from the moment of conception, and throughout gestation in the mother’s womb.

There is simply NO way for those kind of neural differences to occur overnight after a child is vaccinated. Not even over time after the child is born.

And this image explains the main neurological differences between Autistic people and Neurotypical people as a result of those different neuralological formations…


Confronting the truth about your child’s autism and where it really comes from…

When anyone asks to join my Facebook Group, Aspergers Help Australia, they’re required to answer these three question:

Are you an Aspie? Parent? Spouse? Carer? Teacher? Or…? (Helps us to better support you)

Which City/Town and State? (BOTH, please)

If you’re a parent, do you know which of you (or both) is the genetic source of your child’s neurological condition?

We receive some interesting answers to question #3 from parents. The most common is simply “No”. Then there are those who mention a sibling of one of the parents, or a grandparent, who has a diagnosis or whom they suspect may be on the Spectrum.

PS: We no longer ask this question because it confused so many parents of newly-diagnosed Aspie children. Especially parents who are in denial of this reality.

The second largest group of parents are those who suddenly realise that THEY may be on the Autism Spectrum as well — and, ipso facto, need to consider what that may mean for the future, for themselves and for raising a child — or children — who are also on the Spectrum.

Our advice to everyone — especially parents of Aspie children who are experiencing this often-confronting realisation — is always this…

… meaning the sudden realisation of the truth and the emotions that it triggers!

If you or your co-parent (biological) are on the Spectrum, relax. You’ve made it this far through life, so there’s no need to panic. Help is available, and our members are very experienced and willing to share information, ideas, insights and warnings.

Spend some time here and in our various Facebook Groups, learning more and asking questions.

Your life is NOT over… and, in fact, if you’re anything like me — diagnosed at age 57 in 2002, with FIVE children, ALL of them Aspies (aged 33, 31, 23, 21 and 13 at the time), six grandchildren (five of them Aspies) and just separated from my NT wife of 34 years — it’s going to change, without doubt… but in remarkable, exciting and fulfilling ways you can’t yet imagine.

More info… Tracing the genetic sources of Asperger’s Syndrome in families

More info… Genes or Environment? New study says 95% genes!

The Geek Syndrome — The 2001 article by Steve Silberman that lifted the lid on the Autism “epidemic” in tech enclaves like Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley.

©2019 John Counsel. All rights reserved.


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