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The 4R Method: Lesson 1

How do I make planning easier, faster and more meaningful?

By John Counsel

Try the 4R process. It’s simple, logical and quick — and it works!

Here’s how (the cause-and-effect chain). This is the life-changing formula:


Step 1: Role

Planning and managing everything within roles is the  simplest way to be more productive. 

There are eight main groups of roles that most people have. 

  • Family and home
  • Spiritual and Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Social and Emotional Health
  • Education and Occupation
  • Finance and Provision
  • Recreation and Culture
  • Civic Duties and Community Service

These are not listed in any order of importance. They all form part of the rim of our personal Wheel of Life, where we ”put the rubber to the road” and put it all to work, so they all have importance at their appropriate times and places. 

The key to success in managing your roles is for them to each have genuine purpose.

Identify the specific role to which your desired result will belong.

(See Lesson 3 for more detailed information about Roles.)

Step 2: Result

Identify the result you want. 

Be specific and precise. Make them SMART goals.

(See Productivity  »  Planning  »  SMART Goals.)

Step 3: Resources

Identify the resources you’ll need to produce that result.

Time, money, knowledge, skills, equipment, physical facilities, talents, people, expertise, etc.

Identify the resources you already have.

Identify the resources you need but DON’T have.

Step 4: Relationships

Identify the relationships that will supply the resources you DON’T already have.

Formulate simple strategies for establishing any new relationships required.

Use this same process, but for the other person

  • What result might they want? 
  • What resources can YOU provide for them to achieve their desired result?

The 4R process cuts directly to the chase and allows you to focus on the key cause-and-effect issues.

Intro | Lesson 1 | Lesson 2 | Lesson 3 | Lesson 4

©1990-2019 John Counsel. All rights reserved.


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