The 4R Approach: Lesson 2

How do I make my goals more achievable?

By John Counsel

Try making them SMART:


“When we deal in generalities, we will rarely succeed.  When we deal in specifics, we will rarely have a failure.”  [Thomas Monson, author of “Goals”]


Make your goals performance-based and quantifiable. 

Then you can measure your progress and know when they’ve been achieved.


Remember — the way to eat an elephant is one mouthful at a time.


Does eating that elephant have a purpose? 

Stay on target.

And plan within your Roles for real relevance. 


Success depends on doing the right things for the right reasons — but doing them at the right time is just as important.

Make sure there’s a deadline — or a series of deadlines with a clearly-identified “drop dead” final deadline. 

False deadlines undermine your credibility with others… and yourself.

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