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Vaccines and Autism

Why it’s NOT POSSIBLE for Vaccines to cause Autism in Children… and what DOES!

The only people who believe that vaccines are responsible for causing autism are people who have no idea what autism actually is and why it’s physically impossible for vaccines to trigger the complex and extensive physiological changes in the brain that would be required for it to happen.

Please note: This page is NOT about the pros or cons of vaccination. That’s a completely separate issue. This page is only about the impossibility of vaccines causing Autism and the physiological reasons why.

What autism actually looks like at the microscopic level

Studies of brain biopsies from autistic and neurotypical children by researchers into autism at Columbia University Medical School in New York show dramatic differences in the basic structure of nerve cells (neurons) between the two groups.

Brain Activity Differences caused by absence of Synaptic Pruning

Brain activity scans of neurotypical people and autistic people show the kind of differences created in the two kinds of brain structure caused by this excess density and distribution of synapses and dendrites in autistic people.


Why this physiological change is IMPOSSIBLE

For a start, synaptic pruning begins at birth. The body is incapable of regrowing already-pruned synapses and dendrites, especially overnight or even sooner, in order to turn a neurotypical child into an autistic child.

Even if it could, such a dramatic and sudden change in a child’s brain structure, density and size would be catastrophicand would likely result in the child’s death.

So what DOES cause autism to appear when toddlers are vaccinated?

It has NOTHING to do with the vaccines and EVERYTHING to do with the timing!

Plus the reality that the child inherited its autism from conception. (And yes, that means that one — or both — of its biological PARENTS are almost certainly on the autism spectrum… and are either masking, denying or ignorant of that FACT!

In AUTISTIC children, by the time they reach around 18 months — the SAME AGE as their excess synaptic growth (due to failure of synaptic pruning) reaches a point of critical mass where their autism begins to become apparent — and they receive their scheduled inoculations.

So it’s a simple matter of COINCIDENCE!

This is supported by another simple reality… the fact that so many women are now discovering that they are autistic after reaching adulthood because autism was erroneously believed by the medical profession to be primarily a male condition — and their children are being diagnosed with autism.

It’s also being recognised by so many fathers that they are on the autism spectrum following the diagnosis of the children — and they share so many of the same autistic traits.

This is a common phenomenon in online Autism support groups, too. A significant proportion of adults are joining to learn more about how to better support their autistic childrenand discovering that they, too, are undiagnosed, especially with Asperger’s Syndrome.

But if that’s you, please don’t panic or despair. Instead, take a look at the kind of world we’d all be living in if there were NO Aspies — you’re in for a surprise! 😀

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