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Autism and Vaccines?

By John Counsel

It can be very easy — even tempting — to draw the conclusion that there’s some kind of cause-and-effect relationship between vaccines and autism when they both APPEAR to occur around the same time in some children.

But appearances can be very misleading… just like in these examples:

In August-September 2016, in the same week, I was independently diagnosed by leading specialists with Grade 9 Prostate Cancer and Severe Sleep Apnea.

Both conditions are potentially fatal, so I took them v-e-r-y seriously.

In examining the possible causes, it occurred to me that the only real change to my dietary or health/medical regimen in recent months was this: I had had an influenza shot just a few months before these problems presented themselves.

The following year, in July 2017, I was diagnosed with renal stones that had managed to lodge themselves in the right ureter between my right kidney and my bladder — and were almost on the point of causing that kidney to fail. In wondering how this had happened, without prior warnings or problems, it dawned on me that I’d had another influenza immunisation just two months before.

The cause of all these life-threatening health problems was glaringly obvious: VACCINES!

Of course this was an absurd conclusion. The Prostate Cancer had gone ignored/neglected for at least a year. The Sleep Apnea was caused by an untreated, badly-broken nose when I fainted on the toilet and fell flat on my face on the tiled floor, 20 years before. The renal stones were released when I underwent three months of radiation therapy for the Prostate Cancer and had to drink 6-8 glasses of water before each session, when I was lucky to normally drink 2-3 glasses a day.

In the same way, the excess synapses in Autistic brains — caused by failure of the body to reduce those excess receptors/transmitters along the neurons through synaptic pruning (a process called autophagy) — doesn’t become apparent until it reaches a point of critical mass in a child BORN autistic (to one or both parents who are on the spectrum) when it reaches the age of around 18 months to 3 years… and, coincidentally, the same age at which children receive standard immunisation with vaccines!

Can you say…

C-O-I-N-C-I-D-E-N-C-E ?

Coincidence: When two or more unconnected events occur at the same time and/or place.

After all, it’s the age at which a lot of children have their first haircuts, too.

Read what this medical professional suggests should happen to ignorant people who spread misleading propaganda against vaccines…


©2019 John Counsel. All rights reserved.


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