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Our Facebook Groups


Our FIVE Facebook Groups: Why and how they’re different… but complementary

By John Counsel

As communities grow and develop they change. This page explains why we created FIVE separate — but complementary — Groups in order to achieve our overall mission, vision and objectives.

If you have Asperger’s Syndrome — or a child, sibling, spouse or significant other who’s an Aspie — I invite you to join us on Facebook!

BEFORE you ask to join our Facebook Groups

You MUST be an Australian resident.
Laws, customs, support systems and resources, education, health and welfare systems in Australia are unique to Australia.

You MUST join our MAIN GroupAspergers Help AustraliaBEFORE you can join any of our other Facebook Groups.

You MUST join using your PERSONAL Facebook account, NOT a Facebook Page or business account (not permitted by Facebook).

Finally, you MUST be contactable via Facebook Messenger. There will be occasions when we need to contact you privately. If this is not possible, you’re not really a part of this online community. Communication is a two-way process. We will NOT knowingly abuse this process.

Immediately AFTER you request to JOIN our MAIN Group, you will be asked to answer THREE important survey questions. Your answers will help us to better support you.

If you FAIL to answer ALL THREE questions, your request to join the Group will be DECLINED.

How to complete the survey questionnaire that appears AFTER you request to JOIN


The page will open in a new browser window or tab so you can keep it open for reference while completing the form on Facebook.

Once you join Aspergers Help Australia you will be automatically approved upon your request to join our other Facebook Groups.

If your request to join any of our OTHER Facebook Groups is NOT automatically approved, check FIRST that your membership of Aspergers Help Australia is current.

If it is, then check that your request to join our other Groups has been made from the SAME Facebook Account as your membership of Aspergers Help Australia.

Group #1: Aspergers Help Australia

This is our main Group, run by Aspies, for Aspies. We welcome everyone with a genuine interest in Asperger’s Syndrome and those directly affected by it, but our primary focus is on providing useful, practical advice and help for Aspies to help them make the most of their opportunities for a happy, productive life.

Note: You MUST join this Group first in order to join any of our other Groups. If you leave this Group your membership of the other Groups will be cancelled.

You MUST be an AUSTRALIAN resident to join any of our Facebook Groups because of the differences in culture, language, politics, laws, regulations, diagnostic criteria, education and health care systems between countries.


Warning: we do NOT allow “sharenting” posts in ANY of our Groups!

          Click here for an explanation of “sharenting”.

Group #2: Aspie Spouse Help

Are you in a relationship with an Aspie? Spouse, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc?

Whether you’re neurotypical or Aspie yourself, this Group is to help you find answers, suggestions, information, ideas and insights to help you in making the most of your closest relationship, short and long term. 😀

Members of the Aspergers Help Australia Group are automatically approved to join on request.


Group #3: Aspie Parent Help

This Group is for PARENTS of Aspies, of all ages, to find useful, practical, sensible and affordable help and advice in your role of guiding and nurturing, protecting and defending your Aspie offspring toward happy, fulfilling, productive lives at all stages of those lives. This Group is open to parents who are Aspies themselves, or who are Neurotypical.

Members of the Aspergers Help Australia Group are automatically approved to join on request.


Group #4: Aspie Parents Venting

WARNING: This NOT a place for venting about your Aspie children!

This Group is for PARENTS of Aspies, of all ages, who need a place to vent their frustration, anger, stress, etc about people, organisations, policies, procedures, attitudes, practices, etc that obstruct, deny or otherwise impede progress, help or support for their Aspie children.

Members of the Aspergers Help Australia Group are automatically approved to join on request.


Group #5: Aspie Social Network Australia

This is an informal Group for sharing social contacts and resources in all States and Territories of Australia. If you know of — or hear about — organisations, groups, events or functions that are designed to provide social opportunities for Aspies in these age groups (use hashtags to streamline searching — suggestions below) or special interests (create your own hashtags: #nameofinterest), please add them to our relevant Social Resource directories (in our FILES menu).

Hashtag Suggestions for Age Groups, Interests, Localities

Hashtags are a handy way to search within Groups on Facebook using the Facebook Group Search feature (learn more). Combine hashtags to refine your search results, but avoid using too many.

#agegroup — eg: #age7to8yo, #age15to17yo, #age60plus
#specialinterest — eg: #games, #coders, #sciencefiction, #movies, #vintagetrains
#locality — town, suburb, postcode, municipality, region: whatever suits best.

Members of the Aspergers Help Australia Group are automatically approved to join on request.


We enforce a zero-tolerance policy against Ableism and apologists for Ableism.

©2018 John Counsel. All rights reserved.


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