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Persuading Aspies

How to persuade an Aspie to change their mind, attitude and behaviour

By John Counsel

A couple of things to bear in mind when dealing with Aspies…
Value propositions: These are useful and fundamentally logical, but may be totally thwarted by irrational fears — which are emotional.

Challenging their fears: again, this may be a rational step — but can be a slippery slope when challenging them becomes a form of confrontation — even just perceived confrontation.

This kind of dilemma is the same classic dilemma that sums up the difference between Marketing and Selling:

Marketing: Identify a need and find — or create — a way to satisfy that need, profitably. (Needs are rational. Only rational needs are capable of being satisfied.)

Selling: The role of the seller is to persuade those who need what you offer to WANT it, because no matter how much they may NEED your solution, until they WANT it, they simply WON’T BUY it! (Wants and desires are emotional.)

There’s an old saying in marketing: “You can never get enough of what you DON’T need, because what you DON’T NEED can never satisfy you“.

Ask any bartender, drug dealer or pimp — they rely on people who DON’T need what they offer, but who WANT it. They’re the perfect patsies who keep coming back for more in their futile search for satisfaction.

So our first priority in trying to persuade our Aspies to change their behaviour is to make certain what they NEED what we’re offering — then focus on getting them to WANT it.

That way, our efforts to persuade are at least based on integrity on our part.

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Yes, I realise that this may be counter-intuitive for you… but the PRINCIPLES and METHODS involved are identical. And they’re grounded in integrity.

Coming soon: a simple guide to building impeccable INTEGRITY — especially for Aspies, but suitable for everyone. Stay tuned!

©1991-2019 John Counsel. All rights reserved.


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