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The 4R Approach: Lesson 3

“How do I make planning and goal setting work better?”

By John Counsel

Try planning and managing your goals, events, tasks, activities, relationships and resources within defined roles to improve their relevance and meaning.

There are eight main areas into which your roles will mostly fall (no special order of priority… balance and purpose are the keys):

Family and Home

Husband/wife, father/mother, son/daughter, brother/sister, etc.

Spiritual and Mental Health 

Core principles, values, standards, beliefs, ethics, religious or philosophical affiliations, scripture study, meditation, prayer, worship, study/discussion groups, teaching children, etc.

Physical Health

Exercise, diet, insurances, check-ups, medical, dental, etc

Social and Emotional Health

Friendships, groups, clubs , etc.

Education and Occupation

Formal education, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, qualifications, vocational training, skills development.

Finance and Provider 

Business/career, financial management, saving, insurances, maintenance, etc.

Recreation and Culture

Physical, spiritual, emotional, mental re-creation.

Personal development, gifts and talents, visual arts, performing arts, reading, writing, etc.

Civic Duties and Community Service

Citizenship, voting, political affiliations, local community groups, charity work, volunteering, neighbour, etc.

Some of these roles will be every day, others only occasional (example: voting in elections).

By managing your planning and organisation — including your planner and filing systems — within clearly-defined ROLES, you’ll find that you become more focused and productive, with more free time and a lot less stress.

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