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Small minds, BIG mouths

How to deal with ignorant, opinionated, ableist narcissists who criticise meltdownsand you — in public


They’re the people who look at you with disapproval when your child experiences neural overload that crosses the stress threshold, — usually in high-stimulus places like shopping centres, classrooms, parties, events that are crowded, bright, noisy, with flashing-lights and constant movement — and make disparaging, gratuitous comments about tantrums, poor parenting, lack of discipline, etc, etc, etc…

In our upcoming Aspie Help Infocards Mobile App, you can simply call up this information and show it to them. Help to make them more aware and better informed about ASD/ASx meltdowns and more!

In the meantime, if you find yourself in the firing line (there’s often more than one of them — they suffer from “mob mentality” — just call up THIS page and show them this information. (It works… if only to shut them down!)


They’re having an Autistic MELTDOWN.

This is NOT a tantrum.
It’s NOT ‘bad temper’.
It’s NOT ‘bad behaviour’.
It’s NOT due to ‘poor parenting’.

It’s caused by OVERWHELMING sensory input.
They receive up to TEN TIMES more sensory signals than non-autistic people.

Their brain simply can’t cope with the high volume of signals being received by their physical senses and sent to their brain for processing.

They are in PHYSICAL PAIN because of this and this is how they deal with that OVERWHELMING PHYSICAL PAIN.

It WILL subside, but until it does, YOU can HELP by not passing judgement or displaying your own ignorant and unwelcome ableism.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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