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Anti-Aspie Propaganda

The Thin Edge of the Wedge…
“The Crossing” on Stan streaming TV


I was intrigued by a new series on Stan (streaming TV service in Australia) called “The Crossing” — a dark sci-fi tale from ABC television in the USA in which a large group of people — refugees, mostly neurotypicals, from a future war of extermination (in 2194) by an ominous, neurodiverse elite: brilliant, cold-hearted, unempathetic, devious, single-minded and murderous — who took over all governments, kidnap neurodiverse kids, etc and use their gifts, talents and special abilities to seize power, calling themselves “the new phase of human evolution”.

Sound familiar?

They escape to 2018 using newly-discovered time travel technology and arrive in the sea, off the coast of Washington state, USA, with hundreds drowning, etc.

Forty-seven of them survive.

Once here, they discover that teams of the elite “APACs” have already been sent back to 25 years before them — and entrenched themselves in government agencies, etc, which round them up and hold them in a prison camp, etc.

The fact that this series is set on the west coast of the USA (part of the Pacific Rim) is interesting, especially when the name given to the sinister group of neurodivergents in control — “APACs” — just happens to be the official acronym for the Asia-Pacific Autism Congress.


(Can sheep fly? Is the Pope an atheist?)

The creators of the series actually state, in the script, that this sinister elite uses neurodiversityand specifically autism — as their benchmark for recruitment and segregation.

I was appalled by the whole premise of the narrative — that neurodiverse people (code for autistic, and particularly Aspies) would (or could!) combine together to take over the world and implement a program of exterminating neurotypicals.

Talk about neurotic projection by neurotypicals of their own paranoia and antipathy onto the very people they’re obviously afraid of… just because they’re different!

It’s overtly unsympathetic, distorted and, in fact, outrightly hostile toward people who are autistic and/or neurodiverse.

Anyone seen it yet?

It’s well done, but disturbingly antipathetic toward us.

It’s a new phase of evolution, all right… of discriminatory, distorted propaganda against us.

(The header image above is from the final scene of the series… and, for me, the most chilling aspect, where the REAL — and most distorted — premise of the creators becomes clear: that neurodiversity can somehow be created by viral medical technology gone disastrously wrong and malignant.)

Thankfully, ABC TV in the States has cancelled plans for a second series.

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