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Aspie Essentials

Clarity, certainty, integrity and hope

By John Counsel

In our online discussion groups on Facebook and elsewhere, it’s not unusual to hear from people who feel depressed, confused, frightened, emotionally exhausted, despairing or hopeless. Often it’s caused by the stress and uncertainty of daily living as an Aspie, or by some of our common comorbidities, such as Bipolarity, ADHD, Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome, Gender Dysphoria and other physical, mental or emotional conditions and disabilities.

More often than not, though, the biggest challenge is simple ignorance and inexperience of what being an Aspie means… what’s happening to you that’s confusing, distressing, making you anxious, afraid, panic-stricken, lonely, isolated, ignored, ridiculed, persecuted, picked-on, bullied, discriminated against, unpopular or just different.

It doesn’t have to be this way! That’s why we exist… to help make life safer, easier, better, happier, friendlier and worth living for Aspies everywhere.

In Groups like ours, dedicated to providing education, help and encouragement for Aspies, there are limits to the kind, scope and extent to which we can provide practical, positive support. But there are definitely ways in which we can help, so I choose to use my own lived experience with FIVE generations of Aspies as a guide to how I can best do this.

If this can help you — and if you can help in practical, ethical and efficacious ways — then I invite you to join us.

As a member — or prospective member — of any of my online Aspie discussion groups, please understand that this is what’s offered and, by joining us, this is what you agree to as a condition of membership.

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John Counsel
Melbourne Australia

©2018 John Counsel. All rights reserved,

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