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Facebook: Filtered Messages

How to locate your Filtered Messages Inbox

Filtered Messages? They’re messages sent to you via Facebook Messenger from people who are not yet connected to you… such as Facebook Friends.

Here’s how to find your Filtered Messages inbox.

Step 1: Open your browser and and go to your Facebook Home page — your newsfeed or Timeline. In the left hand column menu, click on Messenger (highlighted in yellow)…

Step 2: Your main Messenger screen will open, displaying all the Facebook members who have messaged you — or whom you have messaged. But these are all friends or people with whom you’ve already exchanged messages

Step 3: Click on the tools (gear) icon and select Message Requests from the drop-down menu. (Highlighted in yellow.)

Step 4: In the screen that opens, select See Filtered Messages (highlighted in yellow) from the left-hand menu.

Step 5: In Filtered Messages you find all of the people who’ve sent you unauthorised Messages. displayed in the left-hand column. These are NOT your Facebook friends or people who’ve already sent you Messages. If you choose to reply to them, future messages and replies may appear in your MAIN Messenger screen.

When you select a person to read their Message/s, their name will appear in the right-hand column and their messages — and your replies — will appear in the main message panel (which has been clipped to show the left-hand and right-hand columns clearly).

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