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The 4R Method: Intro

How can I reduce STRESS from my day?

Now YOU can be less stressed and more productive in 21 days!

By John Counsel

The simple formula set out in this tutorial literally turned my life around. In 1988 my life was falling apart as a direct result of unsustainable levels of stress in every aspect of my business and personal lives. My health was failing rapidly, my marriage was under unbearable strain, my business was going downhill fast, my self-esteem and confidence were at rock-bottom and I felt like I was trapped on a runaway train headed straight for the proverbial cliff. 

All I really knew was that I needed to regain control of my life as quickly as possible, and that I needed to find the cure for the causes of all this chaos myself, because not even psychotherapy had helped me so far. So I set out on a journey of discovery that eventually lasted seven years… and resulted in elimination of almost all harmful stress from my life. (Some stress is beneficial in keeping us alive.)

The details of that journey aren’t necessary for you to know or understand in order to benefit from this simple process for gaining real control over your daily activities in the next 21 days.

Why 21 days?

Because that’s typically how long it takes for human beings to acquire new habits so that they become second nature to us. That’s what’s needed… and can happen much sooner!

A word of caution

The simple, practical methods and tools outlined in this tutorial will help you gain control over your day-to-day activities and events so that you become measurably more productive and less stressed. In only two or three days you’ll be excited by the changes you’re experiencing, and how much more productive and in control of your daily activities and results you’re becoming.

But these changes, while welcome and exhilarating, will be limited to reducing superficial stress and improving productivity and personal control in your day-to-day activities. In order to enjoy profound and lasting change, and higher levels of fulfilment in your relationships and results — especially with those closest to you — you’ll need to undertake your own journey of discovery: an exploration of your own character, your personal values and standards and more.

All of this is outside the scope of this short tutorial. So please limit your expectations to what I’m offering… that if you apply this knowledge and tools diligently for the next 21 days, you’ll experience less stress, more personal control and measurably better productivity that can last you a lifetime.

This fits perfectly with the mission and vision of my consulting, training and publishing business for small business owners and independent professionals…

This simple, powerful system is FREE!
No sign-ups. No catches! (No kidding!)

Download these safe, printable PDF files

Open our Google Drive folder containing handy forms for use with this tutorial.
Preview each form before downloading to your hard drive.

Click to open Google Drive download folder

There are FOUR lessons in this tutorial. Please study and apply them in the correct order.

Lesson 1 — How do I make PLANNING easierfaster and more meaningful?
Lesson 2 — How do I make my GOALS more achievable?
Lesson 3 — How do I make PLANNING and GOAL SETTING work better?
Lesson 4 — I try to MANAGE MY TIME, but my schedule is out the window within no time at all! How do I get — and keep — control of it?

Intro | Lesson 1 | Lesson 2 | Lesson 3 | Lesson 4

©1990-2019 John Counsel. All rights reserved.


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