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DISCOVERY! Is this yet another common, traumatic childhood experience that causes Autism?

By John Counsel

Study these four photos below carefully — then compare them with the four photos above and see if you can identify the things they all have in common that are obviously traumatising all these children against their wills. (The main difference is that this invasive procedure doesn’t put anything into their bodies; instead it removes something from them that the children can actually see changing their physical appearance.)

Children having their first haircuts

Did you spot the astonishing similarities?

1. They all feature young children in the same age group.
2. They all involve clearly traumatic experiences for the children involved.
3. Each set of images involves adult professionals using similar implements to carry out common, invasive procedures that upset the children against their wills.
4. Children who have autism are subjected to these same, traumatic experiences!
5. Most children in this age group have to endure BOTH emotionally-stressful experiences at around the same time.

But only 1 in 68* children in Australia has autism. So the obvious question we need to ask ourselves is this…

“Is it the actual experience — or is it the compounded trauma — that causes Autism?”

(* Source: National Disability Insurance Scheme.)

But wait… there’s more!

The overwhelming majority of children who share in these traumatic experiences DON’T develop Autism (67 out of 68), and not a single, credible medical study has yet found any link between vaccines and Autism, or first haircuts and Autismso does that suggest we might possibly be drawing the wrong conclusion here?

Research since 2012 from Columbia University Medical School certainly supports that notion.

Comparison photos of neurons from the brains of Autistic children and neurotypical children show the excess numbers of synapses and dendrites that receive and transmit sensory signals to the processing centres in the brains of Autistic children. See video below for explanation.

This failure of synaptic pruning in Autistic people helps to explain these comparative brain scans…

Brain scans reveal differences in brain activity between Neurotypical and Aspie brains.

Disclosure: The article on this page is a parody of arguments used to justify the specious claims of a cause-and-effect connection between vaccines and Autism.

So what am I really saying here?

First, I’m saying that any suggestion that Autism, in its many forms, is caused by vaccines — or haircuts — is either HOGWASH or HORSEFEATHERS — and the desperate souls trying so valiantly to prove otherwise seem to belong to that group of ignorant, terrified parents who are frantic to deny ANY possibility that THEY may be Autistic themselves.

Especially if they actually HAVE a child with Autism.

Sorry folks… the overwhelming weight of evidence says that if YOU have an Autistic child, then it was passed to them, genetically, by one or both biological parents. That’s YOU and/or your co-parent!

Read the article from December 2001“The Geek Syndrome” — that ripped away the blinders and blinkers about the genetic transmission of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome…

Here’s another article on vaccines and autism

NOTE: This article was originally scheduled for publication on 1 April 2019

The final word…

And for those deniers who insist on clinging to the discreditedand disprovenfallacy that autism is caused by vaccines, this icon of American literature and humour sums it up pretty succinctly…

Comment by Mark Twain — an Aspie who lived long before vaccines existed

©2018 John Counsel. All rights reserved.


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