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What isSharenting”?

The practice of “sharenting” — the sharing of private information, including confidential medical information — by parents (and spouses) of Aspies without the informed consent of that child or spouse.

This Facebook post by respected Disability advocate and activist Samantha Connor explains the problem succinctly…

Seems like respectful posts about privacy and rights are not welcomed in the autism parent groups. This post was just removed by Sue Larkey.

If you’re autistic and want to join this group (Sue Larkey’s Parent/Carer Support Group), please be aware that there are some robustly sh*t and ableist parent perspectives.

Screen capture shared by permission

Our position on sharing of private or confidential information about Aspie children or spouses without their informed consent:

Don’t do it.

“Sharenting” is actually a form of ableism, which is not only abusive and discriminatory… it’s ILLEGAL!

It can get your post deleted… and YOU removed from the Group.

P.S. — “Sharenting” is often made worse by a tendency to identify with ableist posts and commentsthen joining the “feeding frenzy” that can quickly ensue.

Worst of all is when people actively defend Ableist comments, usually using “Ablesplaining” — a patronising, often bigoted (and always ignorant) form of sophistry or abusive speech.

NOT in our Groups. Especially our main Group (Aspergers Help Australia), which is owned and operated BY — and FORASPIES.

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