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Understanding Autism

Autism — including Asperger’s Syndrome — is a genetically-transmitted, neurological divergence (variation). It occurs at conception and progresses as part of natural fœtal development. You are BORN with Autism. You do not “catch” it.

It is NOT caused by vaccines, infectious diseases or chemicals. It’s caused by one or both biological parents who carry the genetic variation themselves, often undiagnosed for generations.

In this section of the site, you’ll find insights from authoritative sources that explain aspects of what causes Autism, how it’s transmitted from one generation to the next and what medical scientific research and related research is discovering about it.

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This documentary from Britain’s Channel 4 explores aspects of Autism and seeks to clarify what it means to be autistic.

This animated video by Alexander Amelines offers a really useful explanation of Autism and how it may appear in a variety of different ways…

This documentary from ABC-TV Australia’s “Australian Story” series looks at Asperger’s Syndrome as an asset, not a liability.

This 9-page illustrated ebook by UK illustrator, Rebecca Burgess, offers another useful explanation of the Autism Spectrum

 Download a FREE copy of Rebecca Burgess‘s illustrated, easy-to-understand (and share) PDF ebook, “Understanding the Spectrum” — from here…

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