Joy and despair

The ultimate highs and lows of life… our creations

By John Counsel

I was inadvertently responsible for genetically passing on Asperger’s Syndrome to a total of eleven children and grandchildren… so far. I had no idea of my own neurological divergence until it was all an immutable, historical fact.

I could beat myself up over it, but what would change? What would be the point?
The simple truth is that those eleven people are a primary source of joy in my life. They give purpose to my existence every single day. They encourage me, inspire me, reward me — and love me.

I have no regrets. The things in life that bring us the greatest sorrows are the exact same things that bring us our greatest joys — for the simple reason that we helped to CREATE them.

This applies to everything we create, be it a work of art, music, intellectual property, ideas… or our progeny. Our creations hold the keys to both the depths and heights of our existence, because they involve every aspect of our being: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, physical, etc.

Our state of being, from despair to joy, is a result a fusion of all those states, and are released/realised by our creations, whatever they are.

This insight was made crystal clear to me when I married Lynne. Without the love I felt for her, casual sex would have been like ordering a gourmet meal, then eating the crockery each course was served on instead of the food. No fusion of my spirit, mind, emotions and physical senses… why would I ever bother with anything less?

So it was no surprise when we experienced that all-consuming joy and elation with the birth of each child… and the sadness and grief we felt with each of the miscarriages we experienced along the way.

If we don’t experience the lows, we can never truly experience the highs in life. They’re the opposite sides of the same coin.

Perhaps the blog post below can shed more light on our feelings of low self-esteem, self-doubt and even self-contempt — and their corresponding highs!

Learn more…

Low self-esteem, self-confidence, high-self-doubt and self-contempt: are they natural or learned?

Featured photo: John and two of his Aspie grandson’s greet their newest Aspie brother, just three hours old. (October 2013.)

©2019 John Counsel. All rights reserved.

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